Sunrooms have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years due to their versatility and aesthetic quality.  Many of our clients convert their existing underused outdoor patios into beautiful sunrooms in order to create an enclosure that can be used yearlong, despite the weather or temperature.  Homeowners use their sunrooms as an additional family room or recreation area, while others utilize the space as a dining area or office.  Whether it’s being viewed from the interior of your home or from outside, the natural light within a sunroom adds a visual quality that is warm and inviting.

When you work with Creo Remodeling, a consultant will speak with you to design a sunroom that will increase your indoor space without sacrificing the outdoor feel.  Whether you are looking to build a room that can be used year-round, or a sanctuary from the summer heat, we offer a number of options to ensure that you receive exactly what you’re looking for.  Once you’ve selected the type of sunroom that fits your home, we will help you form it to your unique sense of style.  Contact us today to speak with a consultant about adding a sunroom to your home, or read about our past successes below.

Sunroom 3

Case Study

I was contacted by a couple in Doylestown, PA, who were interested in having a sunroom installed in a used home that they’d just purchased.  The house already featured a patio area, but the couple was interested in replacing this with a sunroom, since they wanted to be able to utilize the space as an office that could be used year round.  I went over to assess the space, so that I could provide them with an estimate for the work.

The couple decided to go with a sunroom that featured a series of tall double casement windows, as well as skylights, in order to maximize the natural light in the room.  The room was insulated to stay warm during the winter months, but equipped with a ceiling fan to provide relief from summer heat.

After the space was completed, the sunroom became an ideal environment for the couple’s collection of potted plants and cacti, and is used as both an office area and a sitting room throughout the year.