If you are interested in adding another bathroom to your home, or you just want to redesign an existing one, Creo Remodeling specializes in creating bathrooms that are custom-built to express your preferences and sense of style.  We have years of experience in creating and renovating bathrooms for numerous clients in the area.  We work with a number of talented sub-contractors who are experts in their fields to complete your remodel from top to bottom.

Whether you’re looking for minor renovations or a complete remodel, Creo Remodeling handles every stage of the process, including sinks, bathtubs, and showers to tile work, vanities and marble countertops.  In addition to creating a space that will match your unique needs, we only use the highest-quality materials to ensure that your new bathroom is unaffected by moisture damage.  Contact us today to speak with a consultant about your bathroom renovation project.

Bath 3Case Study

I was contacted by a family in Doylestown to remodel their bathroom.  They had a very limited space, but wanted to include several custom features including a large shower and a separate bathtub.  The homeowners also wanted to update the tile on the floors and walls, and install a pair of sinks in the counter.  During the consultation, their fear was that including these elements would cause the room to become cramped and difficult to navigate, but we devised a plan that would allow us to maximize the space available.

One of the biggest challenges that we faced was installing new plumbing and expanding the bathroom to accommodate the new bathtub and additional sink.  To maximize space, we eliminated a linen closet, and installed custom cabinetry beneath the sinks that could be used as storage space.  We worked with the client to find tile for the interior of the shower that would match the flooring and the new cabinetry.

When the remodel was completed, the couple was thrilled with the result.  They were relieved that Creo managed to include every element they wanted without sacrificing comfort.