As your family grows larger, your living space can become a bit cramped.  Moving to a new house can be expensive and challenging, which is why many homeowners choose to expand their homes with custom additions. Spend your free time in the warmth of a sunroom, dine in a new breakfast nook, or add another bedroom for your new child.  No matter what type of addition you’re looking for, Creo will work with you to design a space that will exceed your expectations.

We have over 15 years of experience helping our clients expand their homes.  We have worked with countless homeowners to design custom expansions for their homes according to their unique needs.  In addition to providing a new look and feel, an addition can greatly enhance the property value of your home.  We have created various additions for our clients in the past, including dining areas, sunrooms, decks, bathrooms and living rooms.  Contact us today to speak about your addition, or read about our one of our past successes below.

Interior RemodelCase Study

A family in Bucks County, PA, contacted us about adding a dining area to their home.  After speaking with the homeowner, we learned that they were looking to have a breakfast nook that would connect their kitchen with their deck.  However, the homeowner was concerned that adding an extension would cut down on the natural light in the kitchen area.

It was very important to them that we preserve this quality, so we worked with them to find large windows that would make the new room appear open and bright.  Since the room was on the corner of the home, the windows provided a panoramic view of their property, and improved upon the natural lighting in that section of the home.  To highlight this effect, we used white paint on the trim, walls and ceiling to enhance the natural light in the room.

They are extremely thrilled with the new room; the homeowner says that the extra light provided by the large windows has made their kitchen and dining area brighter and more inviting than ever, making it the most popular room in the house.  If you are interested in learning more about expanding your home, contact us today to speak with a consultant about your project.